SmarterMail Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the SmarterMail Login:

Follow These Steps to access your SmarterMail account:

1. First Enter the SmarterMail Login address or URL into the address bar of your browser:

2. Then on the empty text field under EMAIL ADDRESS, enter your Email Address  (ex.

3. Next on the empty text field under PASSWORD, enter your Password

4. Click or tick off the box next to REMEMBER ME so you don’t have to login each time you access your account

5. You can also click on the link that says SWITCH TO THE MOBILE INTERFACE

6. Finally, click the LOGIN button to proceed to your account



Are you having trouble logging in?

If you're still having trouble logging in, you can follow these steps to retrieve or reset your USERNAME and PASSWORD.

1. You have to stop the SmarterMail Service, you can do this by doing the following steps. 
2. First open a Windows Explorer page (My Computer)
3. Next go to C:\Program Files\SmarterTools\SmarterMail (or wherever you installed SmarterMail)
4. Then open the Service subdirectory
5. Then make a backup copy of the file MailConfig.xml
6. Next right-click on MailConfig.xml and choose Open With -> Notepad

   Find the section that looks like this:
   System Admin
   To reset admin password, delete these items
   and then restart the SmarterMail Service.
   <sysadminusername> ... </sysadminusername>
   <sysadminpassword> ... </sysadminpassword>

7. Delete those lines and save the file

8. Start the SmarterMail Service
You should now be able to log in to SmarterMail by using the following:

Email: admin
Password: admin

Are you still having trouble logging in? No worries, simply contact SmarterMail directly and get help with your SmarterMail Login:

Send your mail to the following address:

1903 West Parkside Lane Suite 106, Phoenix, Arizona 85027  

Or you can call:

Toll Free: 877.357.6278

Send your email to: